Exceptional Etiquete

I will be freshly-showered so I hope you will be too! I do not wear any perfume in any of my dates, unless you want me to, then please specify.   Please be freshly-showered before you are to meet with me.  If you need to shower when you arrive at my incall, that's ok too, just let me know.  My shower is always available for use.  I love the smell of a freshly-showered man! 

Please do NOT wear cologne on the day or night that you have a date with me.  I will ask you to shower if I smell cologne. 

If you are running late or need to cancel and reschedule, just inform me as soon as possible.  I understand emergencies come up.  Please do NOT show up earlier than appointment time. 

Please do not schedule a date with me if you use illegal drugs.  I have zero tolerance for illegal drugs. 


I love clean, clean-shaven, respectful, and kind gentlemen who know how to treat a lady.  I don't mesh well with impatient, persistent, or aggressive males, and will most likely not see you if you come across as such online.  Please do NOT send me explicit details, explicit questions, or explicit pics. Those kinds of emails will be ignored and you will then be put on my Do Not See list. Treat me with kindness and I'll return the same.  I'm a kind soul in a human body and only intertwine with those souls whom make me smile upon first introduction via email. Be you, be genuine.