If you have a question that you don't see on my FAQ page, please email me to ask, and I'll add it on here!

Do you have tattoos?

Yes I do.  I do not show them in my photos due to my privacy and security.  When going out to dinner, I cover them up unless you don't mind me showing them.. mine are easily concealed with clothes. ;)

Do you take last-minute appointments?

Yes I do. If I've seen you before, you can simply text me and ask my availability and/or email me.  If I haven't seen you before, please quickly send me all your screening information and I'll quickly screen you if I am able to right away.  Please don't be offended if you haven't heard from me, it either means I'm in an appointment or in transit from outcalls, responsibilites, or other obligations.  I will get back to you as soon as I am able. :)

When can we meet?

We can meet when I have screened you thoroughly with the information that you have provided.  Some days, I can get this done within 30 minutes to an hour, other days I can get it done in 24 hours.  It depends on how fast the other providers respond back to me and of course, depends on what I have scheduled that day. 

How far in advance can I book an appointment with you?

As far as a few weeks in advance is fine by me.  I ask that you update me each week to let me know that our appointment is still good-to-go.  On the day before our appointment, please send me an email to CONFIRM our appointment, preferably before 5pm central time. :)

Are the photos of you authentic?

Absolutely!  I do provide recent photos on my website and in my latest ads.  

What will you wear?

I have a nice wardrobe and lots variety to fit any occasion.  I usually come to outcall dates, very casually dressed (for ex. jeans and a nice top with boots).  If there is something you request, please let me know. You can be assured that I will be classy and never wear slutty attire, (in public), when coming to your upscale hotel or residence.  I do bring a change of more comfortable attire to wear once inside. ;) 

How can I give you your donation?

Please provide my companionship fee in a nice thoughtful card or a gift bag discreetly.  Please place on my nightstand by my bed, in that way we are both at ease and can begin to enjoy each others company! 

If using credit card, let's get that taken care of before we start our official meeting.

Do you travel?

As of right now, I am not available for travel outside of the DFW metroplex and surrounding areas.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Email me at marielynnofdfw@protonmail.ch

Can you send me a face pic?

 Unfortunately I cannot send out face photos due to my low-profile private lifestyle.  I do, however, have many recent reviews from happy clients.  Check ECCIE.net. ;)

What is the best way to contact you? May I call you?

The best way to reach me is always via e-mail. My phone number will be provided once you are screened, and have confirmed an appointment with me.

Can we meet briefly for coffee or cocktails, so that I can see if we get along?

I don't meet in public, but once I get to know you over a few sessions, I don't mind going on a lunch or dinner date.

Are your pictures really you?

Yes, they are.  I do live a healthy lifestyle and I rarely drink these days.  I also have zero tolerance for drugs.

Are your rates negotiable?

No they are not. Please don't try to negotiate with me; I find it offensive and will end all communication immediately.

Can you bring a girlfriend on a date?

Yes! I love women very much!  If you'd like to do a 2-woman meeting, just inform me at least a few days in advance.

Do you like gifts?

I love gifts and nice surprises.  Something as simple as a single rose or a thoughtful momento is always wonderful and makes our date even that much more special.

Would you accompany me out to dinner or a night out on the town? Would you attend a special event with me such as a fundraiser or gallery opening? Would you come with me on a business trip or vacation?

I'd love to accompany you to dinner and nights out on the town can be available with advanced notice of a few days, from there I'll let you know if it is doable. 

I also love attending any type of event such as gallery openings, concerts, sporting events, etc. Just ask!

I would love to accompany you on a business trip or a vacation, unfortunately at this time I'm not available for those however.

Why is your face hidden and blurred in all of your photos? Can you send me photos of your face so I can see what you look like?

My face is hidden and blurred in my photos because I like to keep my private life exactly that, private. I do not send out face photos for this reason. I do have many nice reviews online though from happy clients that give a description of my physical attributes, feel free to do a Google search for "MarieLynn of DFW reviews".  :)

Are references really necessary?

Being a VIP companion, requires me to verify who you say you are is exactly WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE. :)  Therefore, some kind of screening is indeed necessary for my personal safety.  I don't see just anyone, I am particular about who I see.  :)

What are your expectations of me?

As a client of mine, I do expect you to have excellent hygiene, nice minty breath, and to be freshly-showered (shower and shower essentials are always available at my incall). I expect you to be respectful of me and my time and to just enjoy yourself when you're with me.  :)

What happens if I have to cancel?

I understand things come up in life that we have no control over. The first time is fine. The 2nd time it happens, I'll be reluctant to see you.  I will then ask for a 50% deposit up front.  After you show up to the appointment, you will just have to pay the remainder of my time for the session package you want.

Do you have reviews?

I have many, many nice reviews throughout the Internet, specifically on ECCIE.net and TER. 

Why didn't you respond to my emails?

If your email is sexually explicit, rude, or distasteful in any way, it is discarded.

Due to screening, please allow 12-24 hours for me to respond in a thorough manner.  If you don't hear from me, feel free to send 1 more email, sometimes emails get lost in the shuffle or go directly to my spam inbox. :)

What is your personality type?

Happy, optimistic, sensual, easy-going, laid-back, friendly, easy-to-talk-to, curious, and playful.


Also, I'm a soft sensual "moaner", rather than a loud "screamer".  :)